The Business Doctor – David Schischka

During his long spanning career David has used his experience and expertise to guide others to reach their goals, achieve their business outcomes and overcome any obstacle that stands between them and success.

As a business mentor David has worked with a diverse range of small to medium sized businesses, as well as corporations, with great success both in terms of increasing profitability and the overall health of the business.

Having had vast experience in a range of industries David is able use his wide array of specialist knowledge to customize mentoring and training programs to suit the specialized needs of the businesses, individuals and teams he works with. One on one mentoring, personalized programs and an holistic approach to the health of you and your business is what you can expect with David as your guide.

As a mentor and trainer David draws on his own experiences and the challenges he has faced first hand both in business and life to guide others through the often turbulent world of business development. David aims to ensure his clients overcome the obstacles in their business that make it seem more like a prison than the freedom and lifestyle you imagined.

With over 27 years business experience in leadership, sales, tourism, marketing, systems development and operations and 11 years working as a mentor David’s passion for helping people achieve success has turned into a lifelong pursuit.

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