The 9 Most Important Things You Should Know About Master Mentor … David Schischka

  1. Top performing athletes invest in professional help. Top performing business owners do too… Business mentoring is about you and your mentor focusing on the development of you and your business. David brings over 23 years of successful entrepreneurial business leadership in sales, marketing, operations, and systems development in start-up, fast-growth, and mature companies. David has built, bought, and sold companies in the technology, services, and tourism industries in the last 27 years.
  2. David is a teacher, presenter, master mentor, and a mentor of the mentors; with his guidance peak performers reach the next level. “As a business owner, I’ve faced the same challenges that complicate life, and make owning a business more of a prison sentence than a victory lap. My purpose in life is to bring true freedom to business owners who are committed to taking their business and their lives to the next level, to be the best they can be.” With David’s help, your business can escape the ‘quick-fix consulting’ trap and make sustainable, long-term improvements that will deliver the freedom and rewards you started your business for in the first place.”
  3. During his distinguished career, David has assisted medium and large sized businesses to gain substantial, sustainable increases in profitability through his innovative design and implementation of Systematic Sales Systems at the point of sale. He assisted several companies to dramatically increase productivity, by controlling costs and increasing sales through introducing a structured approach to identifying and understanding real client value. For example, under 3 years of his leadership, Jetset Tours more than trebled its turnover to exceed $250 million and improved profitability in excess of 750%. SABRE Pacific went from a start-up new entrant to over 40% total NZ market share within 4 years. In 7 months he achieved a half million-dollar bottom line improvement at AA Travel, transforming the business from loss to sustainable profit. STA Travel expanded its branch network and share of the student and youth market by almost 50% during David’s 3½ years as General Manager NZ.
  4. As a dedicated Master Business Mentor with over 9 years experience, David has assisted many business owners in improving their business performance and regaining control of both their business and personal life.
  5. David firmly believes in the immense wealth of knowledge that comes through personal development. With educational investment exceeding $277,000 over the last 11 years, he’s followed world renowned business philosopher Jim Rohn’s advice, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”
  6. As your mentor, David has a recognised ability to analyse complex situations, identify key issues and make sound, practical recommendations to carry you and your business forward. He has been acclaimed and awarded Leader of the Year for his strategic insights.
  7. Knowing the power of mentoring, David walks the talk and has 2 Mentors that mentor him. Having studied under the masters of business and personal development, including James E Rohn, Brian Tracy, Harry Beckwith, Paddi Lund, Jeffrey Gitomer, John Maxwell, Roger Hamilton and many others, David believes in investing in constant knowledge and skill growth.
  8. David has a postgraduate Diploma in Management from the University of Auckland, specialising in Service Management. He is currently serving on the Auckland board of the New Zealand Institute of Travel & Tourism, and is a former board member of the Travel Agents’ Association of New Zealand and past lecturer in travel and tourism at the Auckland University of Technology.
  9. As a husband and father of five, David also believes in ‘balance’ of quantity family time, as well as business and investing pursuits. This is a skill he enthusiastically teaches other business owners, who often sacrifice too much life for their business. “One of the great joys of being a mentor is the ability to bring real freedom into the lives of others,” David says. “It’s part of my legacy for generations to come, for my children’s children.”