Case Studies

1. Services. Turnover over $1 million with more than 10 staff

Problem: Competing on price, losing market share and profitability declining.

Approach: Profile and document the “Ideal Client”. Clarify value proposition of the company as seen from the client’s perspective – the benefits to them. Rewrite quotes and proposals as Action Plan documents.

Outcome: Turnover up by 37% and profit up 122% in 7 months.

2. Manufacturing. Turnover $900,000 with 6 staff

Problem: Declining profit, low staff productivity, no new business, no marketing activity.

Approach: Complete job costing analysis to identify profit per job. Monitor wages paid against hours billed to jobs. Introduced recruitment system to hire on both attitude and skills. Set up both annual budgets and monthly financial reporting. 6 hours a week set aside for sales visits, starting with existing and past clients.

Outcome: Turnover doubled in 11 months. Owner retired from working in the business. New machinery purchased from improved profits, giving a 46% increase in productivity.

3. Construction. $2.3 million with more than 10 staff

Problem: Jobs not completed on time, low profitability, owner worn out, hard to get good staff.

Approach: Owner set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with work gang supervisors and reported the KPIs weekly, establishing healthy rivalry between work gangs. Use of simple, colour graphs to show staff productivity and profit per job. Owner weekly accountability “update” sessions with job supervisors. Deposit from clients up front to schedule the work, with agreed progress payments. System put in place (and followed) to sign off any ‘variances’ to the original quote/tender.

Outcome: $372,000 increase in profit in 19 months. After 15 months, owner spending 18 hours a week working on and in the business combined, down from 60+ hours at the beginning of the program. Balance of hours invested in family time and property development.

4. Transportation. Turnover over $1 million with 9 staff

Problem: Owners working 70+ hours a week. High levels of equipment damage and loss. An employee calling the shots and manipulating the owners. Low profitability.

Approach: Team Alignment training to assist the owners take back control of the business. Recruitment system to employ on attitude as well as skill. Increased prices. Review of jobs completed to ensure profitability in line with quotation given. Bonus system introduced to reduce damages and waste/loss – saved over $10,000 in first 4 months. Visit cycle to existing and past clients to grow “wallet share” by letting clients know about all fleet vehicles and all the types of work they could do for them. Asking past clients to use them again.

Outcome: Owners back in charge of the business within 5 months. Owner’s hours halved within 2 years and profit more than doubled. Upgrade and addition of new fleet vehicles as a result of stronger financial performance. Business under management after 4 years, with owners pursuing other interests and investments.