Service Offerings

The Business Doctor offers a range of business mentoring, business development and business training services. All programs are coordinated and implemented personally by Master Mentor David Schischka. All programs are customized based on the individual challenges of the business owner, and the business as a whole. David also looks at staffing, performance, key accountability, team performance and the desired outcomes of the business.

The Business Doctor Service Offerings:

Succession Planning – To ensure core roles are filled by suitable candidates either from within the business, or through recruitment. This is achieved through mentoring and coaching of succession staff so that should the need arise there are a number of backups able to perform the key functions of the business and replace absent senior members of staff. The owner has the option to pursue other interests, or sell the business at the best possible price.

Business – buy, build, sell – How to buy a business at the best price, grow it, then sell it for a great profit. And do it over and over again making excellent cashflow returns.

Leadership Development – Develop strong leadership skills throughout your business with leadership development training. Encourage personal development among staff and effectively leverage leadership skills to enhance business development.

One on One Mentoring – Highly focused personalized one on one mentoring with David. Gain insight into the limiting factors of your own mindset and learn how to overcome the obstacles that are turning your business into a prison.

Recruitment – Find the right team for your business; understand your own requirements better and increase your rate of employee retention, productivity and satisfaction.

Training – Transform your business with training in any of the following areas.

  • Sales – increase sales, develop a stronger sales process, enhance customer relationships.
  • Marketing – increase visibility, branding exposure and develop and communicate your core messages.
  • Time Management – Increase productivity, output and results in less time without compromising on quality.
  • Team Building – Boost your business by boosting your team’s morale and sense of achievement and ownership in the business.
  • Customer Service – Enhance your customer face to face encounters, increase customer retention, grow wallet share and build stronger relationships.